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Résidences du Parc



We propose the best lodging conditions and focus on learning offers the “being at home” feeling, while being literally in the EHL campus.

Here below some of the customer’s values we propose:

- No wasted time on the road going to and back from School

- No driving is free of traffic tickets; a 2 min walk is healthy and risk-free.

- No need to drive after working late at EHL or after school parties

- Less transport time means more time to sleep and keeps money in your pocket.

- Reach school facilities in no time (sport, gym, etc)

- Enjoy the benefits of a private room inside a modern, new, comfortable 180 sqm   home with 300 sqm of back yard

- Spacious study areas with personalized shelves for books and your items

- Spacious and secure storage spaces at the basement

- 3 bathrooms for 6 bedrooms

- 3 parking places for 6 bedrooms

"Convenience is our Concern!"

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